Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So after much sweat, tears, and prayer we have decided to put our house for sale. We moved in about 2 years ago. Before we moved in we completely remodeled the home. The house has all new flooring, doors, wood trim, kitchen cabinets and appliances, master bath completely remodeled, paint inside and out, gutters, garage door, furnace, and water heater. It will be very sad to leave a home we love so much but we feel the Lord is moving us on. Please let me know if you or anyone you know may have interest in our home. It lies on 2.6 beautiful wooded acres. Here is the front of the house.This is a view of the front yard from the front door.A view of the back yard.
This is a picture of the Great Room. It has a functional fireplace. Behind where the picture is taken is an additional 10 feet or so that we made into an office. Another picture of the Great Room. It is overlooking the back yard.

Here is our kitchen. The kitchen and dining room are connected and overlook the front yard.Here is the master bath.

Master Bedroom.

Bedroom #2. It actually is bigger than these pictures indicate.

Bedroom #3.

And bathroom #2.

Happy Fathers Day

This blog entry is a special shout out to the 4 most amazing and influential fathers that God has placed in my life. I was able to spend Father's day with 3 of them. We went to my parents house for swiming and dinner. Of course Blake is one of them. He is such a wonderful father. I never imagined he would develop into such a loving, strong, and dilligent father. He is such a hard worker and does an amazing job at loving us and providing for us. Bill Andrews is another amazing father. This is Blake's dad. He was not with us on Father's Day since he lives in Florida but this is a picture of him eating our Christmas Eve cookies. Blake would not be the man he is today with out the influnce of his Father. Thank you so much Bill for training him in Gods love. You have a wonderful son.
This is my papa (my mom's dad). He is the ultimate example of love and devotion. Not only did he raise 2 daughters, 2 grandaughters, he is now involved in my childrens lives. My kids call him the BIG papa. Which is very funny because he is all of 5 foot 7 inches. His devotion started early when he fought in WWII. Papa I love you and admire you.
And of course last but not least is my dad. Sorry not a real good picture. My dad is every bit of love and tinderness mixed with sterness and decipline. Without his strong work ethic, loving hands, and encouragement I would be a compleatly different person. I honestly think I have the best dad you could ask for. He is also very very involved in my children's lives and if they could type -- they would say "Papa - I love you - thanks for all the time you have invested in our lives."
So that is my shout out to the 4 most amazing and influencial fathers in my life. HAPPY FATHERS DAY. I LOVE YOU ALL

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Life Group Camping Adventure!

We went camping this weekend with our life group. We left Ella with my parents and took Ethan. Ethan loved camping. We only camped for one night but we did have some brave campers stay the whole weekend. When Ethan woke up from his nap on Friday, he immediately wanted to get packed up and in the car to get camping. As you can tell we all had a great time. I think this first picture of Ethan is great because it shows his utter joy and excitement. Here is our tent. Thanks Chris for letting us borrow your tent.
Ethan running from one campsite to the other.
Here is proof that I went camping.
Ethan, Jessica, and Julia admiring the crickets they used to go fishing. Who new crickets could be such entertainment.

And of course the food. Joe was a fabulous cook we had steak, potatoes, and corn for dinner and for breakfast we had pancakes, bacon, eggs, and sausage. WOW - thanks Joe.

Pop came to visit

Big boys like their toys also. So Pop (Blake's dad) came to visit from Florida and of course he had to check out his tractor. Funny how they all like their toys, big and small. Here is Pop reading a book to the kids. We were sad to see him leave. Thanks for visiting us Pop.

Friday, June 1, 2007

My little princess

So Ella is sick with a summer cold -- She gave it to me and now I have bronchitis. Not fun at all. But she sure looks cute all cuddled up with her favorite blankie, pillow, and sippy cup. And yes even though she is 17 months now, she still plays with her feet a lot and still puts everything in her mouth (maybe that is why she got this cold). Here is just rubbing her blankie on her face and watching "Blues Clues" her favorite show.

And look at those pretty eyes.

Crazy Hair

I thought it was funny -- the other day both the kids woke up from their naps with crazy hair. I first took a picture of Ella to prove to the world that she does indeed have hair. And then Ethan's hair was just play nuts, including the expression on his face.