Sunday, August 31, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

So we have been very busy here this summer, and I have been very bad about posting blogs. So here is a catch up.

We got our faces painted. Ethan is a tiger and Ella is a butterfly.
Did a few bonfires.I was able to visit my precious nieces in Boise. Baby Julianna and Little Faith.We have played with friends.

Slip-n-slide.Went to the state fair.Celebrated 4 generations of girls.
Celebrating finally getting a boy after 4 generations.Made forts.Played school.Went to the pool and spray parks.
Did a lot of crazy things. (Yes Ella is in her car seat in a wagon being pulled by Ethan in his red car).
Put together a play house.So there is a our summer in a small small nut shell. Hope you enjoyed.