Friday, October 19, 2007

Fall - God's Beauty

Every fall I am reminded of how beautiful God made our world. He has blessed us so much even with the very details of season change. This just demonstrates the very essence of God. He is a God of beauty, a God of love, a God of forgiveness, a God of kindness, and the list just goes on. Here are a few pictures that I took that capture God's beauty. Also are some pictures of my blessings specific blessings from God. It still amazes me that God has entrusted me with these two beautiful and impressionable people.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So my GOOD friend Beth (who is a faithful blogger) mentioned to me last night that my kids are just so GOOD and so loving to each other. So Beth this is for you. As most would agree - it is easier to go get your camera when the kids are being good or having fun. It is not on the top of my list to grab the camera when they are BAD fighting. "OH wait guys keep fighting while I get my camera". That just does not seem quit right. So to prove to Beth that my job is not all peaches and roses here is a picture of the UGLY. Something that happened less than 24 hours after Beth and I had this conversation. You can make your own conclusion of what happened but it has something to do with the kids fighting and Ethan getting a little out of hand - therefore producing many tears from my already emotional little girl. Beth like I said -- this is for you.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Survey: Toddler vs. Newborn

Who do you think is easier to manage: a toddler or a newborn?
Things to keep in mind:
~There is a difference btwn individual in point, Ethan was a lot more difficult as a newborn than Ella was (same goes for toddlers).
~Things that are easy to manage with toddlers are harder with newborns (sleep) and vice versa (independence).
~Newborn phase really only lasts about 4 months, toddlerhood lasts about a year/year and a half.
~Toddlers can verbally communicate their wants (although it may not be what YOU want), whereas newborns use crying as their primary method of communicating (eventhough it seems toddlers only have tantrums and whining as their means to communicate).
~Toddlers throw food when they are mad but newborns spit up food all over you.

I saw this post on another blog and wanted to hear you opinion. I sure have one.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


This is what we did all summer and now that it is getting to cold to be outside so much we need to find more inside activities to keep my kids busy.

Play-Doh continues to amaze me. We pulled out some Play-Doh that Aunt Debbie bought the kids this summer (I put it away until now so that it would be new when it got cold outside). They played with this stuff for about 4 hours. Now that is truly amazing. I am open for any comments on any activities on how to keep the kids busy this winter.


These are pictures from our last warm day. The weather went from a high of 90 degrees one day to a high of 60 the next. I have a single rose bush that made it thru the whole summer. I don't tend to be able to keep plants alive so this is huge for me.
Mr. Ethan being the little charmer that he is... giving his rose to Miss Ella.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Three heads are better than one.

Enough said....

First Day of School

So Ethan started School last week. He had been on the wait list and finally got a spot. He did not want me to take a picture of him with his backpack so I had to take a self portrait of us. As you can see he still has his black eye. Also here is a picture of Ella and me.