Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ethan's Family Party

We celebrated Ethan's 3rd birthday on Sunday with our family. Everyone was there but Aunt Jenny and soon to be Uncle Steve and Uncle Jason. We missed you. We even had Nanny, Pop, and Issac up from Florida. Here are a few pictures from the party. Ethan sure knew what he was doing this year with the presents.

The 4 boys and their toys. My dad, Blake, Ethan, and Bill (Blake's dad).

It looks like my son is officially spoiled now. Nonna and Papa got Ethan a big blow up jumper. Those of you with kids better come over and play with us and give this thing a workout.

And of course Miss Ella can't miss a step.

Monday, July 23, 2007

3 years ago today

I was in labor with Ethan -- yes all day!!! Of course today is not his birthday -- the little bugger wanted to wait to celebrate his birthday until the 24Th. So you ask - why a picture of this plant. Well this plant was given to me 3 years ago today. Janel flew in on stand by to make it in time for Ethan's birth (she made it in time since I labored so long -- it gave her plenty of time to get here). So I am proving to everyone that I do not have a black thumb. Although a year ago this plant only had 2 leaves -- I have nursed it back to health and it is thriving now. GO ME!!

Aunt Janel, Baby Faith, ZOO

My sister has been in town for a little. They just sold there house in Atlanta and are moving out to Boise, ID. SO, Janel and Faith came for a visit before the big move. One of the days we went to the Zoo. Here is our atempt for a picture of all of us. Don't these two look like little angels? They are actually holding hands instead of fighting. No actaully Ethan likes to hold Ella's hand when we go places like the park, zoo... he is her big helper.
And of course a picture of the cousins. Unbelievable how much hair my neice has. So we have Ella with blond hair, Faith with red, and Ethan with light brown. Could they all look any more different from each other. We have had fun with Janel and Faith -- we hope you come back again soon.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Late Night with Friends

So the other night Blake and I had the opportunity to watch our good friends Cindy and Daniel's kids while they had a night of good food. The night started off with the swing set. Then some play doh.
Of course any time Ethan is involved there has to me a little wrestling match. (Check out Blake in the back trying to get a little nap)
Now all pooped out - they set up there beds and watched a movie.

Yes - even Ella had to stay up later than normal. But she did go to bed way before the rest. We had a great time. Ethan loves playing with his friends.

Fishers Freedom Festival.

We went to the Fishers Freedom Festival despite the bad weather. Ella was very ready to go and wanted to dress herself -- so here she is in her vest coat - and only her vest coat. We did have to intervene and make her wear some pants.

Ethan was a little scared yet intrigued of the Chick-fa-la Cow. Ella wanted nothing to do with it.
Ethan off with bag go winnings. He had a lot of fun in the kids tent. He went fishing, golfing... and of course won all kids of wonderful prizes.Ella girl with her one prize -- she just sat back most the time and enjoyed the large crowd.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bike Riding

A few weeks ago we bought 2 bike seats, set them up, and starting riding again. Ethan loves to ride on the back of Blake's bike. Ella is still a little small - she bounces around alot but she likes it as long as we stay away from the bumps.
I of course could not get a picture of Ella on her bike since she was riding behind me. But at least I got a picture of her in her way to big helmet and cute little face. Notice her necklace. She is very into jewlery these days thanks to her friend Kenzie.