Monday, February 19, 2007

What to do...

So now the question is what to do on another cold snowy day. We have made tents, cuddled, gone to the children's museum, gone sledding... What now? Well - it looks like Ethan has the right idea. He is having fun with all his Play Doh toys.
Now Ella -- what are you doing? This girl can have fun with anything. She is actually sitting inside the basket and covered herself with toys. Wow how fun.

Another fat lip but....

Well, we have another fat lip but this time it is Ella. She is taking it well - as you can see is still dancing around. She thinks she is a little ballerina. She will love it next year when she is old enough to take gymnastics and ballet. OK -- so we are taking a poll -- who will need stitches first Ethan or Ella. Hopefully neither of them ever do but if I had to guess it would be Ella. She is too daring for her own good. She has already had 2 black eyes and now a fat lip.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Storm

We have about 10 inches of snow so far. Last night Blake got the tractor ready and parked it in the garage so that it would be warm to start plowing our long driveway. Blake came home early today from work so we put on all our gear and headed out. In this first picture Ella is wearing Ethan's wind pants over her own pants, since she does not have snow pants. We also put some of Ethan's old shoes on her. Yes the are big but they kept the snow out better than her shoes do.
Ethan has all the gear. See the tractor in the garage? Ok -- lets go sledding.
Ethan and Daddy Sledding in the front yard.

Ethan is pulling Ella in the sled. Watch out -- he is about to take a huge fall.
Ella came in early because the wind was sooooo strong. She was mad because she wanted to stay out but look at those cheeks. They are so red -- she needed to come in.


So we had our Valentine cookies a little early. The kids loved it. But boy what a mess it was on there face.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Rough Day

Poor Ethan! He had a rough day today. He first had his speech therapist come. Then we went to get his hearing tested. Good news -- his hearing is fine but he does have water behind his eardrum. Then we get home and he takes a huge fall. Poor guy looks like he has been thru to much for one day.

Shortly after Ethan hurt his lip it was nap time and little sleeping beauty was ready for her nap. She got her shots today and boy was she beat. I really don't like those shots but I thought she looked aweful cute all cashed out.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Museum Days

We went to the Children's Museum today before the big game.
The kids had a blast.
Dancing Queen Ella.

Just having Tea with the bears.
Ethan rode an a horse that moved up and down.
You are supposed to be 3 to do that so don't tell on Ethan.
Ethan thought Clifford was soooo funny.

Ella trying to reach Cliffords nose.

Ella just loved the big huge bear. Ethan was a little scared of it so I did not get a good picture of him. PLAYSCAPE WATER!!

Hard at work or Hardley working??

Who said I can't drive yet?

Cold days call for..

Cold days call for warm PJ's, blankets, and forts.It has been so cold here that on Friday we decided to stay in our Pj's and just hang out. Yes, we are in the negative numbers here in Indiana.

I said we just hung out but... a girls got to do what a girls got to do -- Ella had to call a few friends.

WOW they really do love each other!

Donald Trump did Ethan's hair today.

Now that is one way of keeping warm right?

Little Nerds

My little nerds sure are cute right? Ga (greatgrandma) had these hats made for Ethan and Ella last year. I guess they are a little small now!
Ok -- so who made her Queen? Sitting at the table with a cup of milk and what -- yes a big ol foot on the table. How rude -- who tought these kids manners anyway?!
Ok -- look mommy -- I am good right?