Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas Part 1

So, I have been just awful about my blog lately. I see the last blog was back in October. So - give me a little time and I will try to catch up but for now here is a little bit of our Christmas and Ella's birthday.
We made a gingerbread house.
Ella girl in front of the tree.
I was able to get together with three of my best friends from High School. We went from 4 to 11 (one child is missing from the picture). Ethan and Ella with his Teacher Miss Patti at their Christmas party. Ethan loves his teacher and I highly recommend her for anyone. She teaches the 4 turning 5 pre-k class.
And a little love at the Children's museum.Faith, Ella, and Ethan at the Indiana State Museum. They have a replica of the Aryes Tea Room (those of you who grow up around here know what I mean). They also have the train that I rode on as a child. They celebrated their 50 years this year!!

Ethan, Julianna, Faith, and Ella.Cookies for Santa.This is just part one of Christmas. Hopefully more later today.