Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Ella!!!

WOW -- today my baby turned 2. It is exciting yet emotional all at the same time. My little princess is no longer a baby. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate her birthday with the family. Even Nanny and Pop (Blake's parents) and Isaac are going to be here. What a treat for my little girl and us. As I reflect on how much Ella means to me I can only laugh at all her fun, cute, sweat, precious, and yes even sly things about her. She is so full of life, energy, and love. One thing that pops into my head is how one day a few weeks ago Blake looked at her with so much love and just started to giggle with a smile on his face. I ask him what he was thinking and this was his response - "I love that girl - she is really going to be someone some day - you just watch and see." It amazes me how much we can love our children and then to think of our God looking down at us with the same loving, fatherly response that Blake made. God has given us such a wonderful, amazing, hard task of raising up his children. They are a gift God has given us, a responsibility He has trusted us with. I pray that God uses me to bring up my children in the ways of the Lord. For you just watch and see "they will be someone some day".

This picture is of the birthday girl today. Happy 2nd birthday baby.
Here is Ella showing of her new dance moves.
This is Ella at 1 year.

Ella just a few hours old. And I must say she is awful beautiful for being just a few hours old. Oh course I am partial but....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ethan's Christmas Party

So Ethan ended the calender year with a big bang at his Christmas Party at Preschool. Ethan is doing his craft, making a Santa hat. You will see the finished product at the end but if I were to vote Ethan had the most "decorated" hat.
After the craft the kids played "Pin the nose on Reindeer". And then to the presents -- all the parents gave money to buy gifts for the class. They got many gifts to use throughout the rest of the school year.
Then the snack. Ethan is sitting here with his good buddy Max.
The finished product. Pretty good, don't you think?
And the happy boy on his way home from his first school Christmas party.


We got a little bit of a snow storm last weekend. We were expecting a foot of snow but instead only got about 4 or 5 inches. But non-the-less - we made our snowman and had our fun. Here is Ethan all pumped up to go play in the snow. This is Daddy, Ethan, and Ella with the snowman Daddy made. WOW he is big.
Now if you look really really close you can see the snowman I made sitting in front of me and the kids. I personally like my little snowman better - that is if it were a contest.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Indiana State Museum

So we have been pretty busy - sorry it has been so long since I posted an update. Baby, it is cold outside so up go the Christmas decorations. For some reason we decided to finish our lights at night. Here is Ella all bundled up.

And Ethan as proud as can be of his snowman.

We went to the Indiana State Museum and ate at the Ayers Tea Room. They have a replica inside the Museum of the old Tea Room that the downtown Ayers used to have. After we ate the kids got a little gift from the Tea Room. It was pretty cute - we used to go to the real Tea Room when we were little and got little gifts back then also. Then we went to go ride on the Train. Boy was that a big hit. Of course the kids had to have Mommy go along. Don't I look a little big for this train?
Then to Santa. The kids are peeking in at the the kids in front of us telling Santa what they want for Christmas. We have been very diligent about telling the kids about the real meaning of Christmas and how everyone is having a HUGE birthday party for Jesus. Hopefully they understand that it is not about reindeer, Santa, and gifts. So here they are all excited and ready to tell Santa what they want for Christmas.
Now, Ella is not so excited anymore. She never did tell Santa what she wanted.The whole family picture. This was the only way to keep Ella from balling her eyes out.
Here is the whisper "I want a car and train".

Children's museum

The Jolly Days of Christmas is back at the museum and you have got to go. The kids had a blast.
Huge Yule Slide -- I only went because Ella was not old enough to go by herself.
Santa's Cookie Cafe!! Ethan loved this place. Here is a wonderful brownie that he made.
Ella was more into the story time by Mrs Clause but here she is trying to figure out the kitchen stuff.