Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas Part 1

So, I have been just awful about my blog lately. I see the last blog was back in October. So - give me a little time and I will try to catch up but for now here is a little bit of our Christmas and Ella's birthday.
We made a gingerbread house.
Ella girl in front of the tree.
I was able to get together with three of my best friends from High School. We went from 4 to 11 (one child is missing from the picture). Ethan and Ella with his Teacher Miss Patti at their Christmas party. Ethan loves his teacher and I highly recommend her for anyone. She teaches the 4 turning 5 pre-k class.
And a little love at the Children's museum.Faith, Ella, and Ethan at the Indiana State Museum. They have a replica of the Aryes Tea Room (those of you who grow up around here know what I mean). They also have the train that I rode on as a child. They celebrated their 50 years this year!!

Ethan, Julianna, Faith, and Ella.Cookies for Santa.This is just part one of Christmas. Hopefully more later today.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Catch up again!

Again, I am way behind on posting - bad me I know. I have a long list of excuses if you want to hear them but then again -- just excuses. So here you have it -- our past month or so in fast forward. And as I am posting the pictures I realize that I have a lot more of Ella right now. Ethan is in preschool 3 mornings a week so Ella and I have a lot of time with each other.

Here is Ethan on his First day of preschool. He loves going to school! And yes, I realize that he needs a hair cut really bad -- he got one about 2 weeks ago.

Ethan and Ella with their work gloves on and getting ready for a race. They both are really into running. I think Ethan will be a sprinter and Ella will do cross country. I guess we have to wait and see.Over Labor Day weekend Blake and Ethan went to the Derby and Ethan fell in love with monster trucks. Here is Ethan with his "monster truck" and all the dirt that is is ridding over.
WOW - don't they look like Best Friends and perfect Angels?
Poor Bird and her skinned face. Long story but she is all better now.Ella gets to go to dance class when Ethan is in school. She loves to dance.Sit-ups!!My three kiddos!Ella now can put a pony tail in her hair but she never leaves it in.
And of course Bond fire and smores time!There hopefully will be more to come soon.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

So we have been very busy here this summer, and I have been very bad about posting blogs. So here is a catch up.

We got our faces painted. Ethan is a tiger and Ella is a butterfly.
Did a few bonfires.I was able to visit my precious nieces in Boise. Baby Julianna and Little Faith.We have played with friends.

Slip-n-slide.Went to the state fair.Celebrated 4 generations of girls.
Celebrating finally getting a boy after 4 generations.Made forts.Played school.Went to the pool and spray parks.
Did a lot of crazy things. (Yes Ella is in her car seat in a wagon being pulled by Ethan in his red car).
Put together a play house.So there is a our summer in a small small nut shell. Hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who wants cake?

I know Ethan does. This is Ethan's birthday cake -- my friend Mindy just delivered it. Ethan loves his tractors and Mindy did such a nice job to obliged my request. Thanks Mindy -- Ethan just went nuts when he saw this -- now if only I can keep him away until after dinner tonight.

Happy Birthday Ethan

I can't believe that my child is 4 years old today. WOW -- time really gets away from you. Here is his life in review. This picture is just minutes after he was born weighing just 7lbs. 8 oz. At 1 year - drooling and still crawling.
And now 2 years old - he is running, jumping, and being a crazy boy.
Wow - this is the biggest change -- 3 years old.
Now here he is. The birthday boy - 30 lbs later weighing in at 37lbs.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN. I love you so much.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Ethan Plant

My sister gave me this little plant the day Ethan was born. For those of you that know me -- I have - well I guess - a black thumb. Everything I plant dies but.... I have tried very hard to take care of the Ethan plant and much to my surprise it has now lived in my hands for 4 years. When Ethan turned 2 it was very very close to being completely dead but it was a good plant and gave me a second chance to keep it alive. It has made great strides this year as you can see in the picture I took of it last year and now this year. I I keep this plant alive just think how big it will be when Ethan turns 10.

The Ethan Plant at 3 years old.The Ethan Plant today at 4 years old.