Sunday, August 26, 2007

Puppies and Paint

So, both my kids like puppies. Ethan has this great sleeping bag from Nonna and Papa that is a puppy. He got it last year for Christmas. Miss Ella is a little jealous because she does not have one. She sneaks in Ethan's whenever she can. And Mr. Ethan is always our BIG helper. Here he is helping daddy paint. Yes, we actually let him paint.
Although he did get a little on the window and a lot on himself.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Up to What?

So, you look at this face and think "What is Ethan up to now?" Well he bagged up his trucks and tractors and put little Miss Ella to work. This picture was taken right after he yells "Ella help me move." Poor sweet innocent Ella hard at work moving all Ethan's toys.
Ella kept saying "Mommy I help!"
Followed by "E E I help." She calls Ethan E E - it is pretty cute. So this is what we did today during the thunderstorm. Have any better ideas on what to do on a rainy day?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Flashback four years.

August 2006: Ethan was 2 and Ella was 7 months. August 2005: Here Ethan just turned one and I was only 20!!! Ok - I was 20 -- I was 20 weeks prego with Ella. I guess I was 26 years but who is counting.
August 2004: And here is my baby just a month old.
August 2003: Just months after our wedding - here is Blake with his first baby girl. Alot changes in 4 years -- wow.

State Fair Fun

We went to the fair over the weekend and boy did the kids have fun. Their favorite part was the horses and they really liked the petting zoo. There was a calf there that really liked to lick (kind of like a dog). Ella Lynn thought that was the best thing ever - she squealed with joy every time the calf licked her little hand. Here is Ella getting ready to harvest her crops. They have a really cute kid area called Wonder Trail. They teach the kids where all our food comes from -- when they are all done they get some money and get to buy something -- we got cheese. My little gardner.
Ethan loved this but Ella was still a little to small to make it move on her own - I had to push her the whole way but she loved that.
Hard at work harvesting his crops.
We could not get Ella in that third hole -- This is the best picture I got of the boys.

Of course Ethan loved the tractors -- I don't think he is really allowed up on the tractors but he sure had fun looking at them all and sitting on them.

So we had a lot of fun and we even made it past all the rides without having to purchase one ticket. I just hate those rides - I am guessing this will be our last year to avoid them.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mattel recall

This is getting a little rediculous how many toys are being made that are so unsafe for our kids. Check out his link for the most recent recall. Thankfully we don't have any of these toys.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


So it has been HOT HOT HOT around here lately. So we have been staying COOL COOL COOL playing make believe and going to the pool. The pool pictures are yet to come since I always seem to forget my camera when we go swimming. Here Ethan and Ella are showing off there new found tent area. They love playing forts and tents.
Oh and look at Ethan loving his baby sis. Ethan is always calling Ella "baby sis" with lots of affection. I hope they become best friends because now they fight an awful lot.

Ethan is very proud of himself in this picture. He made lots of cookies. You want one? What do you mean they look to bright to eat?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just when you thought Ethan was the tool man.

I came across Ella this morning playing with the tools and goggles and had to get a picture. She has such a little head and these big goggles just made me laugh.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Hard at work

My son is sporting his new toy. Aunt Patty and Uncle Fred gave him this saw. I took this first picture because I thought he looked cute but them..... He started cutting down my inside trees. And of course that is little miss Ella's head in the back with the grinder helping out.

Ethan's kids party

So, I am a little delayed on getting this post up. Ethan's party was about 2 weeks ago. Well, we had a little kids party for Ethan at a spray park in Carmel. We had a pinata (as you can see in this first picture). All the kids got a try at it but it was a strong one so I ended up knocking it down after a few wacks.

We played in the water... Here are some of the moms and their kids. There was also a school bus of kids that came - so we did not everyone here.
And of course cupcakes. Thank you everyone for coming. Ethan really had a good time and he felt very important.