Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer is almost here!!!!

These pictures were actually taken about a week and a half ago but I have not been on here to post. We finally pulled the pool out and let the kids splash around. The water was really cold so we learned to fill the pool up at nap time to let the sun warm the water up. Don't you just love little kid bodies?

And of course Ella had to get loving from her Papa. It is so cute -- she loves her Papa SO much.

Oh and as news to report. ETHAN IS POTTY TRAINED!!! We did it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

4 Year Anniversary

Well, Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary. On the surface it looks like not much has changed. But alot sure has happened in our family in these 4 short years. The first picture was taken last night after we got back from our dinner date. The second picture was taken 4 years ago on our honeymoon - of to be carefree again. As you can see my warderobe has not changed much -- does that mean I am really out of style?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Work kids work!!!

So on Friday night we set the kids down and had a long talk with them. We told them that they are no longer going to get free food. They are old enough now that they had to starting working to earn their room and board. So Saturday morning they got to work. They tore up our front sidewalk and front step. Then they had to clean it up. I am letting them wait til this coming weekend to lay the new sidewalk and step. Then they got to work on a new sliding door in the back of our house. Here is evidence of their hard work. In this first picture the kids had filled up the big wheelbarrow and were starting to fill up their shopping cart.
Here is Ethan hard at work.
That is about the biggest pieces of stone that they could pick up.
Here is the new door. Ethan worked really hard on this -- notice his handy dandy hammer.

Ella decided that she needed a little break -- after all she is only 16 months compared to Ethan's whole 2.5 years. OK - in case you could not tell the sarcasm - the kids were just having fun helping -- we are still feeding them, buying them toys and clothes, and letting them sleep in our house - even if they were not the hard workers that they are they would still get these wonderful privileges. OH to be young again.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Catch up

OK -- so we have been busy lately. Sorry we have been so delinquent on updating our blog. My parents came back from Florida so they have been keeping us and the kids super busy. So lets just cover the basics.


Summer Chairs: So here we have the new summer chairs. Nonna and Pappa bought these for Ethan and Ella. Not only are they chairs but they double as a back pack. Ethan is sporting the chair as a back pack in this first picture. Ella is not big enough to use it as a back pack but the second picture shows the kids sitting in their chairs.

Potty training: I guess you probably thought there would be a picture of Ethan the great - but no he is not potty trained yet but we are working on it. Ella on the other hand wants to be potty trained but I personally think she is to young. So here you have it -- Ella on Bob the Builder potty seat. She has been using the potty since she was 14 months. I think I will go full force with both of them this summer and hopefully get rid of diapers all at once.

Make an Offer: So what is it? $1, $500, how about $2,876,456? Unfortunalty she is not for sale because I could never put a price tag on my princess.
Oh No! Leak: So we have a little problem with our skylight. But have no fear - we will be getting a new roof very soon. During the storm last night the roof was leaking pretty bad until Blake got up on the roof and put a beautiful blue tarp on. The kids had lots of fun playing in the water as it came down. The second picture is of Ella splashing in the water.

So that is a brief update on some things we have been up to. Hopefully I will be better here in the next few weeks.