Sunday, August 31, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

So we have been very busy here this summer, and I have been very bad about posting blogs. So here is a catch up.

We got our faces painted. Ethan is a tiger and Ella is a butterfly.
Did a few bonfires.I was able to visit my precious nieces in Boise. Baby Julianna and Little Faith.We have played with friends.

Slip-n-slide.Went to the state fair.Celebrated 4 generations of girls.
Celebrating finally getting a boy after 4 generations.Made forts.Played school.Went to the pool and spray parks.
Did a lot of crazy things. (Yes Ella is in her car seat in a wagon being pulled by Ethan in his red car).
Put together a play house.So there is a our summer in a small small nut shell. Hope you enjoyed.


jennifer & steven schafer said...

What a FUN FUN summer you all had! That was a great summer re-cap. (now your FL sis can get off your case about seeing photos of her Indy family!) :) Thank you, Thank you, these picctures are great! Love you all with all my heart - can't wait to see you again soon.

Jenni said...

hi christina! glad to see your pictures! I love the one at the fair- ethan's face!! too cute! love ya!

The Liller Family said...

Love the summary!!! The painted faces are awesome, and now that Blake has seen the picture of that playhouse, he wants to come over to your house again!!! See ya soon!

Shannon said...

Now this really is my kind of blogging!! I love it! Great pics, great summer and P wants to play in the playhouse too ;). The cool thing is that she knew Ella as her friend from church!! Hopefully we'll see you this weekend!

Janel said...

How sweet! Thanks for posting pics, Tia~ Let's keep up this good habit:) I can't believe how big they are getting. I can't wait to see them in a few months....and see you, you know I always want to see you!

Wendy said...

Oh Christina! Ella is beautiful! I can't believe they are almost 3. Looks like a great summer. I miss talking to you. Ethan is such a big boy! Turning 4 WOW! I'm sorry I haven't been around my computer crashed! But I'm back now! Hugs Momma!

Carrie said...

Hey ... I sent you an email, but not sure you got it? Anyway, can you send me your mailing address? So great to see you last week!