Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Every year since Ella was born I have had a new perspective on the birth of Christ. Yes Ella is my second born but she was born just 3 days after Christmas. I remember sitting there in church on Christmas Eve 4 years ago, huge and ready to pop. I started thinking of Mary and what she went through. She was caring the child of God, the Messiah, the I Am, the man that would some same day deliver us all. Here she was pregnant, riding a donkey and when they finally get to their destination... NO ROOM IN THE INN. Yes they gave them a place in the stable to stay, but can you even imagine (those of you who have been through the child birth process) what it would be like to go through labor and delivery next to a mule? And then finally after who knows how many hours, her beautifully perfect (in every way) son, my Savior is born. She wraps Him in cloth and lays Him in a manger. This manger is not some pretty thing with clean hay. It is probably dirty from the animals who have been eating from it that day. My Savior was born in the most humble place in the most humble way. He can into the world with nothing but with so much to give us.

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Lindsey said...

Thanks so much for that timely reminder! Christ really is more than enough this season!